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Nov 28th -Dec 4th
Jim Keating & Desmond Devoy - Deirdre Moran & Mark Shorten - Lydia Rogers

OutSpoken: 15 MasterClass Business Essays For Our Time Paperback by Jim F. Keating
Jim Keating
President and CEO, Speakers Forum.
Desmond Devoy is a reporter for the Perth Courier.

“OutSpoken: 15 MasterClass Business Essays For Our Time” is a new book that has the likes of Conrad Black, CTV News anchor Lisa LaFlamme, and others singing its praises.
The book was produced by Jim Keating, CEO of Speakers Forum in Toronto.
Like many businesses around the world, his Leaders Lecture Series had to go dark as the pandemic surged.
In 2021, one of his former speakers, the entertaining CNN television personality Larry King passed away.
Keating recalled the great memories of King’s visit to Speakers Forum and spontaneously wrote up a short story, an appreciation of the man.
Well, it hit a chord with friends & colleagues and inspired him to produce OutSpoken: 15 MasterClass Business Essays, bringing together great past keynote speakers to write about today’s important topics.
And if they could not all meet in person, they could certainly bring all their ideas together in a book.

The 15 Masterclass Essays include works by such notables as:
“What Makes a Speech Great” by President Clinton’s Chief Speechwriter, David Kusnet
“No Mountain Too High: Learning the Lessons of Everest” by Mount Everest expedition leader John Amatt
“What Makes a Bestseller” by acclaimed author Jeffrey Archer
“The Media is You, Like It or Not” by the Honourable Pamela Wallin, O.C., S.O.M.
“Work Is So Much More Than a Paycheque” by Dr. Sherry Cooper, Chief Economist, Dominion Lending Centres
“The Defence Never Rests” by Renowned Defence Attorney F. Lee Bailey

The book is already catching the eye of several notable public figures, who have this to say:
“Jeffrey Archer’s chapter is a delightful read! A first-hand glimpse into the writer’s craft from one of the most successful authors in the business.” Editor and writer Rosalind Stefanac
“Speakers Forum is always a wonderful time where I learn so much from so many high-profile people. The compelling aspects of the keynote speakers is that many are history’s decision makers and influencers which takes audiences ‘inside’ the stories. Thanks for the opportunity and the education.” Long-time MC Gord Martineau, News Anchor CITY-TV (ret.)
“Readers will easily see why F. Lee Bailey is one of the legendarily talented and persuasive barristers in the United States of the last fifty years. His powers of persuasion and advocacy are almost as formidable in print as in person.” Conrad Black
“What a great memory Jim. I actually seemto recall those suspenders on him! Larry King truly was the best ‘Everyman’ on TV. Thank you for sharing such a fabulous story – love the mix-up between Larry the Painter and Larry the King!” Lisa LaFlamme, Chief Anchor/Senior Editor, CTV National News

Deirdre Moran
SVP Technology & Country Manager - Canada at IDA Ireland
Mark Shorten 
VP Financial Services & Life Sciences | International Expansion | Investing in Ireland @ IDA Ireland

IDA Ireland is an autonomous Statutory Agency set up under the Industrial Development Acts 1986 - 2019. The Agency operates in accordance with the provisions of the Acts and under the aegis of the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, who is empowered to provide funds to discharge its obligations and issue general policy directives/seek information on the Agency’s activities.

IDA Ireland’s main objective is to encourage investment into Ireland by foreign-owned companies. Our success is measured by the impact on the Irish economy of FDI and IDA supported companies.

One of the best countries for business  - Forbes Magazine

Site Selection Magazine - Best Country to Invest in Western Europe

Over the past 70 years IDA Ireland has evolved to become a global force in attracting FDI to Ireland and a key influencer in the development of the Irish economy and its reputation abroad.

IDA Ireland
1 University Avenue
Suite 1604
Toronto, ON M5J 2PI
Tel : +1 416 238 8202

Lydia Rogers
Country Manager & SVP, Canada at Enterprise Ireland

Canada is the tenth largest economy in the world and Ireland’s 7th biggest trade partner outside the EU. Enterprise Ireland clients exported €358.6 million in 2020 which represented a 1% increase over 2019. It has a growing population of 38.1 million people and a positive and stable economic environment. Canada is an affluent, high-tech industrial society with a market-oriented economy, low inflation and high living standards. GDP per capita for Canada in 2020 was approximately €45,857.

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is strengthening Ireland and Canada’s close trading relationship. CETA provides for significant savings on customs duties by eliminating duties on 99% of all tariff lines, of which 98% will already be scrapped at entry into force for Irish exporters and importers. It opens up the Canadian service market to Irish firms and enables Irish firms to bid for more Canadian public contracts. This encourages more investment between Ireland and Canada.

More than 400 Enterprise Ireland client companies are doing business in Canada, employing some 6,000 people across Canada in the fintech, life sciences, software, digital media and animation, education, food and construction sectors. Learn more and register for CETA benefits here.
Enterprise Ireland Toronto office
1 University Avenue
Suite 1604
Toronto ON M5J 2P1

1 416 934-5033