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Laytha at Folk Alliance


Laytha at Folk Alliance
Irish folk duo Laytha, cousins Niamh and Philana, are becoming best known for their carefully crafted vocal harmonies, their greatest and most unique asset. Their debut album (Nov 22) is a reminiscence on the formative times of their shared youth, encompassing themes of daughterhood, womanhood, life in their hometown and the raw rugged landscape of Ireland. 2023 has seen the duo complete a headline Irish tour, support Martha Wainwright at the Galway International Arts Festival in Monroes and The Coronas at Custom House Square Belfast. Performing live, the duo not only showcase their haunting vocals accompanied by Philana's gentle acoustic guitar but also bring a sincere and whimsical energy to their intimate gigs, something the comfort of a familial bond on stage brings naturally.



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