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Global virtual conference for Irish abroad wishing to come home


Global virtual conference for Irish abroad wishing to come home
‘Abhaile’ (Irish for ‘home’) will run online 4-7 June. Its aim is to inform and support Irish emigrants considering or planning a return to Ireland and facilitate learning and connections between Irish organisations at home and abroad that assist returning Irish emigrants. Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project Leader Sarah Owen said, “For over 35 years, we have supported Irish citizens and their families resettling in Ireland, focusing on those who are marginalised or in crisis. The 'emigrant’s ache' is a constant pull back to Ireland for many abroad, yet not all returns are planned or by choice. Our services and those of our global Irish peers, backed by the Government’s Emigrant Support Programme, provide a vital safety net. We offer information and support to people, help them make informed decisions, and secure their rights. We look forward to our upcoming Abhaile conference, which we hope will go some way to support, inform, and connect returning emigrants, and plan to make it a regular event highlighting return migration.”



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